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Sigma ~ Lillibett Fanart

23 May 1971
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*waves hello to anyone who finds me*

Hi I'm Lilli, that's me in the top pic (with a little help from photoshop lol)

I love LJ because there are so many talented and friendly people round here and I love reading and looking at all the wonderful work you do.

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a Harry Potter fan ~ that's what drew me to LJ in the first place. But now I have been more taken over by Twilight. I also am a huge fan of Supernatural *sighs at Dean's hotness*

I am a manipper and have been messing around with it for about 3 years, so much so it inspired me to take a degree in Graphic Art... who says good can't come out of smut lol

I do not take requests, I can only work when inspiration hits me. But if you are a regular commenter to my private LJ and I get to know your likes, you might get a suprise one day!

If you like any of my pics please feel free to use them, it would be nice if you post to let me know what you are taking. If you would like to use please ask and I usually say yes... specially if your making icons as I hate making then (and lousy at it too ;p) You must ALWAYs credit me and please don't steal it not very nice!!!

I always post my manips directly in groups and don't link back to my own LJ... My own personal LJ is for myself and friends and is very quiet (normally) but if you are a friend of mine please don't hesitate to poke your nose in, I don't bite... well not always lol

I would love it if you friend me and leave comments, it always cheers me up and I enjoy constructive critism, I will always reply to you and friend you back :)

If you are looking for help in anyway with manipping or a shoulder to cry on when a manip turns and kicks you in the bum, just leave me a message anywhere in my LJ (if you want it private just go to one of the older threads) and I will do all I can. I have had so much help and support from people in LJ in the past and even now, that I hope to help others.

If you want to contact me you can at


I AM SORRY, BUT MY LJ POSTS ARE FRIENDS ONLY BECAUSE OF THE NAUGHTY PICS I CAN'T STOP MYSELF MAKING (The adult ones are are ALL over 18!!!) *slaps own wrist* If you friend me, I will friend you straight back as long as you are of legal age... doesn't that sound pompous?!? I don't mean to be, I just don't want to currupt any innocent minds ~ do they still exist???

Lilli xxx